2022/2023 Waterfowl Season

Entering the 22/23 waterfowl season we were not sure how much property we would have to hunt due to the drought. We ended up being limited, but with that being said, what we had to hunt turned out phenomenal! We had some amazing shoots and constantly shooting limits almost daily for 35 days in a […]

2020/2021 Duck Season Wrap UP

What an incredible waterfowl season we had. We were beyond blessed with some of the finest wing shooting possible. Hands down best season on record and can hardly wait until next year! As our business grows, its never too early to book your dates for the 2021/2022 season. We will sell out before we start […]

Waterfowl Hunting About to Kick Off 11-25-2019

I ran my first guided waterfowl hunt today and my two gunners pounded some decoying Specklebelly geese. We have had a dry run of weather, but things are changing tomorrow here in the Sacramento Valley! The high pressure is finally moving out and letting a big low sit on us for some time… Looks like […]

Sacramento Valley Salmon, Time to book Waterfowl

The Sacramento Valley King Salmon fishing has kicked into high gear! We are catching quality Kings to 28 lbs… Both the Sacramento River and Feather River are producing good fall run Chinook Salmon fishing! We have limited space, but have several other top guides working for us. Now is the time to get out and […]

2018/2019 General Waterfowl Season Wrap-Up

This waterfowl was not a walk in the park by any means… We are so fortunate to have spectacular properties that continue to produce when most places do not. We were definitely down on goose numbers, but up on ducks. Not that there was that many more ducks in the area, but we spent more […]

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