Waterfowl Hunting About to Kick Off 11-25-2019

Captain Scott Feist

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I ran my first guided waterfowl hunt today and my two gunners pounded some decoying Specklebelly geese. We have had a dry run of weather, but things are changing tomorrow here in the Sacramento Valley! The high pressure is finally moving out and letting a big low sit on us for some time… Looks like several inches of rain from today through the weekend. The south wind will redistribute birds around and get those stagnate ducks and geese flying. We offer fully guided duck and goose hunts on premier properties located throughout the Sacramento Valley. We have large leases to hunt to insure not only a quality hunt, but a memorable experience. Nothing worse than having a blind on the next check over banging away or sky scraping all day long. Our leases are ours and our quality hunts show it. Come see the difference! We would love to have you!

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