It’s Time to Start Thinking King Salmon for the 2014 Season!!!

I am seeing the end of the tunnel on my Striped bass season, and can’t help but to think Salmon. The question I am getting from all my guys that have fished Stripers with me is, will there be water? The answer is, the Salmon are coming regardless and leave the worrying to me, LOL! […]

Sacramento River Salmon Wrap-Up 2013 10-28-13

All and all it was a very good King Salmon season for Feisty Fish Guide Service. There was some major anticipation on this 2013 season, and for the most part, it was solid. We caught lots of Salmon, and the size of the fish were huge! I am not sure if we really got the […]

Sacramento River Update 10-4-2013

Sorry for the lack of reports, but when you’re fishing every day,  sleep and quality time with your pregnant wife is more important… The season has still remained steady, and we’re still catching a bunch of quality fish! I am on the downhill slope of the season, running trips for about 15 more days, then […]

King Salmon Update!!! 9-21-13

What a great week of King Salmon fishing on the Sacramento River!  We’ve been catching lots of fish, and some very big ones, on both Pautzke cured roe, and Yakima lures.  King fishing does not get much better than this!  I will be Salmon fishing through October, then switching gears to start guiding Waterfowl full […]

Sacramento River King Salmon Update!!! 9-16-2013

Fishing has been really solid over the past week!!! We have been catching lots of fish and lots of large ones… We have hooked our limits every day, but landing them sometimes can be the challenge. The fish are big and mean! All the Kings have been caught on Pautzke Fire cured roe and Yakima […]

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