Late Season Goose Was A Success!!!

The Late Season Goose Hunt in the Valley was a blast! We shot geese all five days and did our part in managing the goose population one bird at a time… I am now gearing up to start Striper fishing the Delta in mid March! I still have some quality dates left for both river […]

Junior Hunt and Late Season Goose Action!!! 2-7-2014

The Junior hunt was a super success! I had nine year old Bailey out on her first hunt ever, finally connected with a huge Mallard!!! What a special day it was… I am gearing up for Stripers and should start running guide trips out of the Rio Vista area at the end of the month. […]

Waterfowl Wrap-Up 2013/2014

I was sitting there this morning in my duck blind on this last day of the season and can’t help but to think how lucky I am! I want to personally thank everyone that came out to hunt and support me! We had to work hard this year, but it was worth every minute. I […]

Waterfowl Report 1-7-2014

Well on the duck front, things could be better, but they could also be much worse… We have been shooting ducks and geese very consistently! It’s not wide open, meaning hunts very day to day, but we have had some banner shoots over the past week. My dreams of having a wet January are all […]

Waterfowl Report 12-28-2013

Duck hunting has dramatically improved over the past ten days… We have been shooting a good number of ducks and geese, and seeing a ton of ducks! With January here in a few days, it’s game on! Today, 12-28-13 we had a few different groups of over 250 birds at a time come in… When […]

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