Time To Book 2015 King Salmon

Captain Scott Feist

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I wanted to remind you that our King Salmon season opens July 16th this year. As all signs indicate, this is going to be another season not to miss! I will be guiding both the Sacramento and Feather Rivers for the Kings. Lots of you have fished Salmon with me before and know what to expect, and some are new.

Salmon fishing offers great action with some wonderful table fare at the end of the day. We fish light tackle and primarily drift or back bounce roe. This is a very exciting way to catch Salmon, and you are always engaged holding and casting your rod throughout the day. The prime time to book Salmon trips are between August 10th and October 15th. I am already taking reservations and have about 50-60 days booked. If you can commit to a date, now is the time to book! The question I am getting is, will there be enough water? The answer is, the Salmon are coming low water or high, as long as there is enough water to swim they will be here! I look forward to fishing with many of you again this Summer/Fall and making plenty of new memories.

I spend a lot of time on the water but I will get back to you as soon as I’m able. Call to book your trip now!

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