Sacramento River Salmon wrap-up/ Staring Delta Stripers

Captain Scott Feist

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Once again sorry for the lack of reports. I fished the last 45/50 days of my Salmon season further north on the Sacramento River away from my main computer. This year was full of ups and downs, but we sure made it happen! The last 30 days of the season was wide open limit style fishing. We sure had a blast! I ran my last Salmon trip on October 22nd, got my deer hunting stuff together, and shot my buck “picture attached” on October 26th… I am now switching out my Salmon gear and adding my Striper stuff in to start chasing Delta Stripers on November 1st. I typically start my waterfowl hunting this time of year, but due to the lack of water this year, my blinds are high and dry. I am excited to spend my fall/winter chasing Stripers! I am now booking Striper trips. These are fun trips using live bait, casting and trolling…

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