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Captain Scott Feist

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California’s Sacramento River has bounced back into one of the West

Coast’s best salmon fisheries. Story and photos by chris shaffer

Three years ago Scott Feist arrived every day at the Butte City Boat Launch on the Sacramento River at five o’clock in the morning. His morning routine was simple. He’d back his jet boat down the ramp, put the car in park, crack open an energy drink and take his time launching his jet boat with no pressure from others. He was able to tie hooks, add scent to his roe and put on sunscreen without any pressure to wench his boat into the river.

That kind of activity this summer is unacceptable. By 5 a.m., Feist would be late. His favorite king salmon holes would be taken, as would the parking spots, and he’d be looking a long line to launch his boat. Read the rest by clicking on the images below.




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